The Jorkyball Court

The Court Size
Length10 meters
Width5 meters
Height3 meters
Goal110 cm square

What makes this game so cool? It's the court!

The court you play on is not much bigger than my bedroom. A little longer at about 30 feet but only 15 feet wide. Forget about a slow paced low scoring game. Practically every kick can be a shot on goal, so keep your head on.

    Jorkyball is mostly played indoors because the ceiling of the "cage" is part of the game. The floor is often turf, and the wall is made of methacrylate. There is a halfway line at midcourt. 120 centimeters from the halfway line there is another line marking the contact area (the red area in the middle of the court in picture). Then the area from the goal line, to 100 centimeters is the throw-in area (the red area in front of the goals in the picture). The goals are in the center of the walls on each far end.

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