Modified Soccer

    You head to the gym hoping to find enough people to get a game of indoor soccer going. Upon arriving at the gym, you notice that its pretty empty. There are only 3 other guys in the soccer gym. Just as you are about go give up on the idea and head home, one of the guys runs up to you and asks if you up for a game of jorkyball, cause they need 4 players.
    "Its just like soccer, only smaller." he exclaims. We can play in the racket ball room. Its really simple and quite a rush. You agree to give the game a chance. The next thing you know you there is a soccer ball ricocheting of the wall, flying towards your head. Your first reaction is to duck, but instead you jump up and block it with your body. Then you kick forward. The ball rushes towards the goal, past both opponents. Then you hear a clang, the clang of the ball hitting the goalpost. You see the goal's net moving. You have scored.

    Jorkyball is the 2-on-2 version of soccer. It's played on a smaller court, usually indoors. Jorkyball is a more relaxed game than traditional soccer, but it is very fast paced. It has become very popular because it is much easier to get a game going because you need only 4 people, not Soccer's 22.

    Jorkyball is a new twist on the world's favorite sport. It has been called "the sport of the new millennium." Its first big event was at the 1990 Football (soccer) World Championship in Italy. Its popularity has grown tremendously since then. Now clubs can be found in France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

    If you grew up on American football, or disliking regular soccer, you're in for a treat. Jorkyball is fast paced with the potetial for lots of quick scoring. Just like catching a NFL game in person, you really can't time to stop watching. I remember one time I got a pair of Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets against the Green Bay Packers. it was a high scoring game and really was such that you couldn't stop watching. Jorkyball is a lot like that in you gotta keep your eye on the ball. The game can really chage in just an instant.

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